Purple Stars

Middle School Science

Manuela Toscano


Stack of Books

Middle School English

Literature and Composition

Tutor/Teacher:  Cathrine Mireles

Description:  The middle school English class will be a mix of writing, literature, and grammar.  Students will read various novels and work on building writing skills.

Textbooks:  Writing Strands Level 2

Language for Living (6)

The Ten Minute Bible Journey

Novels:  TBD

Moses Statue in Myers Park

Middle School Social Studies

The World's Story 1

Tutor/Teacher:  Donna Worley

Description:  This textbook covers the ancient history and is fully integrated with biblical historical accounts.  It covers topics such as the Tower of Babel, the calling of Abraham, and the kings of Israel.  Your student will be enthralled as he or she learns how the stories of the Bible fit in with history.

Math Notebook and Calculator

Middle School Math

Tutor/Teacher: Lauren Flynn

High School

High School classes at this time are determined by individual preferences.  We will customize what your student is interested in studying.